I want to rent out my villa or luxury property

Rent your villa, chalet or luxury property in Marbella with full management and the best profitability at Vacation Marbella

Are you looking to rent out your property with the largest property management in Marbella?

At Vacation Marbella, we specialize in managing luxury properties.

Property owners who begin managing their property with us receive a 20% higher annual return.

If you are a luxury homeowner in Marbella, we are the best option to manage your property.

We have a team of 25 professionals who are experts in their field and manage and market short rentals. We are hosting over 17,000 guests per year.

We will ensure the protection of your property, and your investment will generate a return that exceeds your best expectations.

    Does my home meet the requirements to be rented through Vacation Marbella?

    We focus on modern and luxury holiday rentals where we can make at least 60.000€/year turnover. Minimum requirements:

    AT LEAST 3 BEDROOMS: Expanding the number of rooms in your property can help broaden your appeal to a larger audience, including groups and families. Moreover, having extra rooms provides guests with added privacy and comfort

    MODERN DECORATION: A well-decorated property attracts more guests, increases guest satisfaction during their stay, and will always increase the value of your property.

    NEW BUILT OR RENOVATED PROPERTY: We strive for exceptional quality standards and are dedicated to offering a truly luxurious experience to our guests. Our portfolio exclusively comprises top-quality properties that surpass the expectations of our clients, ensuring an unforgettable stay in a first-class environment.

    GOOD TERRACE (not facing north): If the terrace is well-oriented, it will offer more hours of sunshine and will allow our guests to enjoy our Mediterranean climate.

    TOP LOCATION: Within 10 kms from the sea, in Marbella and surroundings. Location is one of the main factors that tourists consider when choosing a vacation rental. Guests often look for homes close to major tourist attractions, beaches, restaurants, and bars. A property with a good location is rented more frequently and obtains greater profitability.

    At Vacation Marbella we manage your property taking care of the details



    You will have an app to see your reservations and all the information about your home in real-time.



    We make the most of your property, creating unique and exclusive spaces.



    We provide extra security to your home so guests feel cared for and safer throughout their stay.



    We make your property a profitable and efficient place, with thermostats in A/C we save up to 40% of energy.

    Why rent out my property with Vacation Marbella?

    We have developed the best-proven marketing for our property owners. Our in-house marketing team went to the next level developing our booking platform, and we have become a «local Airbnb» in Marbella. Our only website brings us more than 10.000 guests every year. Our online reputation is stunning, having more than 5.000 online reviews from previous guests who have stayed with us, and we also have implemented the latest technology, a state-of-the-art Revenue Management Software that leverages Artificial Intelligence.

    This system processes billions of data points to determine the optimal nightly price for each home, and it is one of the core drivers of our business. By charging the highest possible price per night and encouraging longer stays, we can maximize the performance of each property and generate higher revenue while also saving on operational costs. Our rates are specifically customized to meet the market demand, considering factors such as weather and local events. As a result, homeowners can expect to earn more with our tailored pricing strategy.

    Ready to make the most of your luxury property? Find out how Vacation Marbella can help you achieve this while taking care of your property.


    Better rental experience

    Our team of experts will handle all the logistics and details of renting out the home, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for the homeowner.

    More exposure and wider reach

    By joining your company, homeowners will get more exposure for their property and will be able to reach a larger audience.

    Greater rental income

    Through your company’s network and resources, homeowners can maximize their rental income potential and get more bookings.

    Lower commission

    Our website is the most visited local holiday lettings website in Marbella, we get 60% of our bookings FREE OF COMMISSION!

    Better damage protection

    You offer full damage protection for all properties that are listed with you, which gives homeowners peace of mind knowing their property is fully protected.

    Personalized service

    Homeowners will receive specialized attention and support from your team, who will work hand-in-hand with them to maximize their success.

    What should I know as an owner?

    Discover the most frequently asked questions from our owners

    If your question is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact us, we will attend to you as soon as possible.

    • We are the largest Property Management company in Marbella, hosting more than 17.000 guests a year. Data provided by www.airdna.co (worldwide most important data company in the holiday rentals industry).
    • Own booking platform, we are unique on this because +60% of our bookings come directly without paying any commission or any third party involved, this is the secret sauce because we make more money than any other company.
    • The latest technology, Vacation Marbella has integrated a new Software of Revenue Management based on Artificial Intelligence. Billions of data points go into determining the nightly price for each home and it is one of the great keys to our business. It squeezes the maximum performance of property by charging the most expensive price possible per night and the longest length of stay, not only earning as much as possible but also saving on operational cost by lengthening the duration of each stay. With rates customized to meet market demand, and tailored to factors like weather and local events, homeowners simply make more with us.
    • More benefits, less hassle & Exceptional care for your property, when you hire Vacation Marbella, you are hiring a professional team dedicated exclusively to marketing and managing your property, taking maximum care of your investment, and obtaining for you benefits higher than you ever thought possible.
    • Better Damage protection: We ask guests for Passport, refundable deposit and credit cards, also we have an insurance (civil liability) which covers +1.000.000€.

    The first step is to get in touch with our Business Development specialist. They will arrange a meeting in your property (we used to ask for photos of the property in advance), see if your home is a good fit in our portfolio and go over your tailor made management proposal.

    If you choose to work with us, you will sign a management agreement with our lawyer and you will check the permits and licenses to start renting together.

    We will request access to the property to do an initial inspection, so our operations team (cleaning and maintenance) will check everything before start renting. We always aim to get your holiday rental ready as soon as possible.

    When your home is ready for guest, our team handles everything you need to start making money, like:

    • Taking photos and video (drone is highly recommended).
    • Listing the property on all major booking platforms.
    • 360 marketing campaign (email marketing, social media, Google, ads, etc…).
    • Using our artificial intelligence Dynamic pricing technology leveraging your prices for máximum revenue.
    • Reception: Offering the best service to guest.
    • Performing professional cleaning and maintenance.
    • We send you a monthly wire transfer to your account with the income from your property.

    You can cancel your Vacation Marbella agreement at any time, just need to honor any reservations that are already booked at your home.

    At Vacation Marbella, we have a specialized legal and taxation team that will provide you with multiple benefits:

    • We guarantee that your property complies with all local regulations and standards, avoiding fines and penalties that can be costly and detrimental to you.
    • Our team will enforce contracts with guests and ensure that your property is always protected.

    We will handle the management of claims and disputes, always protecting your interests. This includes managing issues such as property damage, contract breaches, and security and privacy-related problems.

    The income of the rents, deducting the fees of VACATION MARBELLA shall be made by bank transfer to the account designated by THE OWNER, between the 15th to the 20th, of the month immediately following the month object of liquidation.

    We have a landlord’s department which will be in touch with you regarding any question that you might have about your property or monthly payment. As soon as your property is listed, we will give you access to our hotel software where you can see your bookings and all the information related to your home in real time.

    Your property will always be in optimal conditions, and for this we will equip it in the following way and we will take the appropriate measures to maintain it:

    • Electronic locks, having full control of the property.
    • Noise monitoring, we avoid parties and bothering neighbors.
    • Air conditioning smart thermostats, we save at least 40% of the money invoice in electricity.
    • Checklist after every check out.
    • Annual audits.